EasyPlex - Movies - Live Streaming - TV Series, Anime V1.7.5 (Untouched)


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Apr 19, 2022

ChangeLog 1.7.5​

  • Added DRM support ( Widevine - ClearKey - PlayReady )
  • Added ARABIC RTL Version
  • Added Animes to the home content merged with Movies & Series
  • Added the support for Streamtape - Voe.sx ( EasyplexSupportedHosts )
  • Updated the support for Fembed domain change( EasyplexSupportedHosts )
  • Reduced the number of queries on some api response
  • Casters from panel will be paginated to avoid loading large data at same time ( you can search your casters by name to add them to your Movies)
  • Removed some N+1 Queries
  • Fixed Imdb Lang on release version
  • HLS is back as options ( App still detect the hls if your link not detected use this option )
  • Updated the Comments section from panel to display more info
  • Added Genre & Subtitle to the library Posters
  • Removed share icon from downloads to avoid leaking the url
  • Fixed an issue with favorite for last item removed.
  • Suggested Programs return random content now
  • fixed somes issues reported by users from last update
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